I'm a big fan of Vue.js and Nuxt.js to write well-organized code. It's great to see junior developers getting on board really quick! As a lead developer, I often work on QS and code reviews. Other areas of my daily work include:

  • Technical concepts
  • Performance optimization
  • JAMStack with Headless CMS
  • Accessibility
  • Research and prototyping
  • Test automation

Technologies I mainly use include HTML5, CSS3, CSS Grid + Flexbox, Javascript ES6+, Typescript, GSAP, Node.js, and Git.

Industry experience

Since 2017: Head of Web Development at Jung von Matt / NECKAR

Before, I was freelancing as a Web developer for nearly 10 years, starting in 2009.

For my full CV, please contact me at mail@oemueller.de.

On my list to learn

  • Blender
  • More of Three.js and WebGL Shaders